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DDR Oncology

We can support your drug development program from the initial drug target discovery and validation. For later clinical trials, we can build databases providing drug sensitivity of gene variants to guide patient inclusion and novel treatment approaches. 

Pre-clinical related services


1. Synthetic lethal screens.

We can help identify novel drug targets using genetic loss-of-function screens. Bring your disease cell model of interest, or ask us to make it.

2. Patient relevant cell models.

Validate your drug target in relevant cell models. We can test if known LOF variants for your disease gene of interest, are sensitive to your novel drug target.


3. Compound target assay.

Identify which residuals are required for your drug target – compound interaction using our saturated mutagenesis service. Supported by parallel drug target specific cell based reporter assays. Pettitt et al 2018.

compound-assay_Compund-target-assay copy 2.jpg

Clinical related services


1. Support patient inclusion for clinical trials.

Increase your trial recruitment, and improve signal specificity by building a database of drug sensitive gene variants for your drug target, allowing patients with loss-of-function mutations, who are likely to benefit, to be included.


2. Can acquired drug resistance cause your clinical trial to fail?

Is your target group of patients already likely to be resistant to your novel treatment due to standard of care treatment? We can help you identify drug resistance, and drug combinations to overcome such resistance. We can provide assays for drug target dependent and independent mechanisms of drug resistance.  


Please get in contact or book a meeting, and we can discuss opportunities for how we can  support your drug development program with our functional assay services.

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