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About us

About us

We are gene editing and functional assay experts on a mission to help radically improve how diagnostics can guide treatment approaches for cancer and other genetic diseases.

Vision, values, mission

Our Vision

We envision a world where all genetic disease patients would receive a treatment that is curative. The treatment approaches will continue to be improved and based on cell biology mechanistic insight.

Our values

Our values

Patient first.

Challenge the convention.

Innovate as a team.

Collaborative and transparent.

Our mission

Our Mission

We are using cell based functional assays to help reduce cost and accelerate drug development programs for genetic diseases including cancers. The cell models will uniquely represent each patient and help identify the optimal treatment for their genetic disease. We aim to be a partner in a comprehensive functional analysis of patient mutations, to identify the optimal treatment approach and to help fuel further development of novel treatments. We do this by collaborating with companies and academic research groups. Collaborative culture and mechanistic insight are close to our heart, and we aim to continue innovating both on our disease understanding and gene editing approaches.


For any interest in our services or collaborative opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact us by email ( or even better, book a meeting and let’s have a chat!

Founding team
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Associated labs

In close collaboration with our associated labs, we develop projects together with our clients, to radically innovate how we can help identify the optimal patient group for your targeted treatment. 

Advisory board

Founding Team

Advisory board

Advisory board

Our customers

Our Customers

You? Please book a meeting to learn how we can help you with our functional assay services.

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